Q: What's the difference between a toner cartridge and an ink-jet cartridge?

Toner cartridges are used on laser printers or copiers, whereas ink-jet cartridges are used with ink-jet printers.

Q: What is a compatible toner or ink-jet cartridge?

A compatible cartridge is a cartridge that is either manufactured or remanufactured by a company other than the manufacturer (brand) of your printer.

Q: What is a remanufactured toner or ink-jet cartridge?

A remanufactured toner cartridge is a cartridge that utilizes the existing plastic shell and is rebuild to proper manufacturing specifications and tested for quality, this is not the same as a drill-n-fill. A true remanufactured cartridge gets new wiper blades, drums, and a new chip. Many lower-end producers will cut corners and leave the old drums, blades, and chips on the cartridge, but we sell only remanufactured cartridges have truly been remanufactured with new drums, blades, and chips on the cartridge.

Q: What does it mean when we say a company is an STMC Certified supplier?

An STMC Certified supplier is a manufacturer that has gone through the rigorous steps of meeting all their requirements established by a panel of industry leaders in an effort to control and improve quality and product uniformity.

Q: Why should you use only cartridges made by an STMC Certified manufacturer?

Although cartridges made by an STMC certified manufacturer may be slightly more expensive, using them in your printer will ultimately reduce downtime and improve your printer's overall efficiency.

Q: What happens if you receive a defective OEM or compatible toner cartridge?

METROLASER stands behind everything we sell and we will replace any defective cartridge free of charge within 24 hours or we will refund your money, your choice!

Q: Can the use of a METROLASER compatible toner cartridge void a printer's warranty?

We are frequently asked if using a METROLASER compatible toner cartridge will void a printer's warranty and the answer is NO.

Using METROLASER's compatible printer cartridges does not void your printer warranty because the manufacturer of the printer cant void your warranty because you use a cartridge made by a differing manufacturer. There is a law that prohibits the manufacturers of your equipment from requiring the use of OEM ink or toner or charging extra fees if you use products other than OEM products with their equipment. Those actions are in violation of existing anti-trust acts: The Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts IBM vs. The United States 

The Supreme Court (IBM vs. The United States) held that IBM could not threaten customers with the termination of their data processing equipment leases just because they did not use supplies manufactured by IBM. This practice is constituted a tying agreement and was found to be in violation of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Law.

Further, the MAGNUSON-MOSS Warranty Improvement Act protects consumers by ensuring that warranties are not voided if a consumer uses another brand product in connection with the original product: MAGNUSON-MOSS Warranty Improvement Act

United States Code Annotated Title 15 Commerce and Trade

Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Section 2302 

No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumers using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection may be waived by the Commission if: (1) The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and (2) The Commission finds that such a waiver is in the public interest.

Q: What happens if you buy a compatible cartridge from METROLASER and it damages the printer?

In the unlikely event that our cartridge would damage your printer, we pay for the printer's repair or replace the printer if necessary.


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